Social Media Round-Up: Season 5 – Twitter

Written by: Bee Reed

This week we’ve rounded up some of our favorite tweets in the past week by the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5! 

Penny Tration

It looks like Penny is getting in touch with nature during her summer vacation. 

Serena Cha cha

Serena cha-cha-ed her way to Toledo this weekend for their Pride festival, along with her Season 5 Sister, Monica Beverly Hillz! 

Monica Beverly Hillz

Monica showed off her Pride this weekend, and joined in the celebratory fun!


That’s a challenge I think most of us would LOVE to be nominated for! #ChickenBucketChallenge

Honey Mahogany

Honey’s serving up a healthy reality check. 

Lineysha Sparx

Two latin beauties together again!

Jade Jolie

It looks like Jade had a Drag Race Family Ru-union this week.

Ivy Winters

Ivy Winters may have just found the most awkward public bathroom in existence. 

Alyssa Edwards

Some words of wisdom. Maybe this is Alyssa’s secret….

Coco Montrese

Battle of the Beyoncé queens?


Even in mid-flight boy drag, Detox is still fabulous! 

ROXXXY Andrews

Roxxxy was serving up some House of Andrews body this week! 


All in favor of making Alaska the first drag queen infomercial spokesmodel, say “Hiiiiieeeee”!


We’re glad to see that confidence isn’t an issue for the winner of Season 5! #WinnerForAReason

Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! And for updates on all things drag and drag adjacent, follow us on all our Drag Official News social media accounts: 



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