Manila Luzon Releases “This Body” As Tribute To Fellow Heather Carmen Carrera

Written by: Bee Reed

HeathersIt’s been several years since America was introduced to the RuPaul’s Drag Race clique “The Heathers” consisting of Manila Luzon, Raja, Delta Work, and Carmen Carrera. Since their time on Drag Race the girls have each branched out to do their own work. Carmen Carrera has also come out publicly as a trans woman and has taken on the role of a transgender rights activist. Although she has expressed some controversial opinions that caused her to lose favor with some fans, it seems that the friendships formed during their time on Season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race have not budged.

While Carmen pursued a career in modeling, Manila put a lot of energy into producing music and accompanying videos. In the past a lot of her music has consisted predominantly of fun, quirky, dance tunes. Recently, though, she’s been creating songs that share a closer look at her personal experience and things that are near and dear to her. Her latest single “This Body” is no exception, as it carries a powerful message of body positivity and self love. As she wrote in the initial Facebook announcement of the video below, this single was largely inspired by Carmen Carrera, herself. Manila writes:

“My song “This Body” is written about my beautiful friend Carmen Carrera. She’s taught me to love my body and embrace my beauty from the inside out! Her journey is inspiring!”

Check out the full video below: 


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